Vito Russo's Our Time

In 1983, Vito Russo produced and co-hosted "Our Time," a television series focused on the gay community. The thirteen episodes that ran on public television station WNYC tackled important issues such as gay history, drag, alcoholism, race, and a famous episode at the dawn of the AIDS crisis featuring Larry Kramer. On-air guests included luminaries such as Harry Hay, Rita Mae Brown, Harvey Fierstein, Lily Tomlin and many other notable public figures.

30 years after "Our Time" originally aired, we are able to share this groundbreaking series with the world. With the exception of two missing episodes, we have posted each show in its entirety for scholars, historians, and a whole new generation who may not be familiar with Vito's legacy.


Vito Russo & Marcia Pally Hosts
Rick Siggelkow Executive Producer
Barbara Kerr Producer
Vito Russo Producer
Silvana Moscato Producer (Episodes 1 -3)
Marcia Pally Culture Segment Producer
John Chiappardi Director
Jay Blotcher Associate Producer
Dan Sauro Associate Producer (1983)
Jeff Turtletaub Associate Producer
Cynthia M. Serrano Composer, Theme Music


Thank you to our Kickstarter donors who brought OUR TIME out of the vault.

  • Roland Emmerich
  • George & Brad Takei
  • Joyce Pharriss
  • Howard Grossman
  • Vicki Russo Ciplickas
  • Doreen Hemlock
  • Jim Polcyn
  • Charlie Russo
  • June & Jack Schwarz
  • Peter Staley
  • F. Allen Sawyer
  • Jill Beckman
  • Katie Letts Bramlett
  • Jennifer Collins
  • Michael Ehrenzweig
  • Jude, Chad, and Maya Higdon-Topaz
  • Little Joe Magazine
  • Joe Milner
  • Susan Passino & Sue Swaner
  • Tom Rielly
  • Colin Riley
  • Ed Sikov
  • Michael Stabile
  • Benjamin Tanasychuk
  • Mike White
  • Kimberly M. Lowe
  • Seamus Murphy-Mitchell
  • Anthony Osso
  • Will Parish
  • Paul Sopocy
  • Michael Varrati
  • Charlotte Weveir
  • Shirley B. Wilson